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What's in store?

Freshwater Fish

We carry many species of tropical community fish, South American and African cichlids, Angels, Corys and many more 



We have a huge assortment of anenomes, macroalgae and corals (softies, LPS, SPS). 



Our  specialty is natural decor - from substrate to rock and wood, we have the best assortment in Maine.


Reptiles (Westbrook only)

We carry chameleons, beardies, cresties, fat tail and  leopard geckos, blue tongues, boas, pythons, corn and king snakes to name just a few.

IMG_3173-COLLAGE (1).jpg


Dont let your critter go hungry - we always have live feeders in store - dubias, crickets, meal and super worms. We also have rodents for your snakes.


Saltwater Fish

Our salt water selection incudes  a variety of clean up crew, tropical saltwater fish - clowns, gobies, eels, tangs, angels and much more. 


Aquarium Plants

Whether you have a basic light or a CO2 set up we have plants that will flourish in your aquarium - swords, anubias, crypts, stem plants, grasses.


Terrarium Plants

Accent your terrarium with our beautiful tropical plants. 

IMG_0616 (1)-COLLAGE.jpg

Amphibians and Inverts

Dart frogs, tree frogs, pacmans and more. If tarantulas or hissing cockroaches are your thing we have those too!


Dry Goods

We carry everything you need for fresh/salt or terrestrial systems, from lights, pumps, heaters and filters to tanks and stands. 

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