Leopard Geckos

A great choice for a first time reptile owner. Their cheeky attitude makes them popular even among experienced owners.

Leopard Gecko on white background.jpg


Of course we have beardies, these are wonderful pets that just love to be with their owners

Bearded Dragon on white background..jpg

Large Lizards

We have limited space for large lizard species, so may not have your exact choice on the floor, but come in and talk to us about special orders.

Varanus salvator, commonly known as Asian Water Monitor with an attentive stance sitting o


A more challenging species, we carry Jackson's, Veiled and Panthers. Stock availablity varies.


Crested Geckos

Another favorite, we usually have these available.

Crested Gecko on a white background.jpg

Other small lizards

We have an ever rotating assortment of gecko and skink species, if you are looking for a specific type we will be happy to check our special orders for you. 

Eastern Blue-tongued Skink (Tiliqua scincoides scincoides) isolated on white background..j