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Refund Policy

Livestock Refunds

We are happy to offer a limited health warranty on our most of our livestock. Feeders, invertebrates (shrimp, clams, snails, etc), anenomes, corals and plants are specifically excluded from our health warranty.  Our staff take great care to ensure the animal you purchase from us is healthy. Should an animal die within 7 days of purchase due to a pre-existing health condition we are happy to offer a refund. We do not issue refunds for any other reason, including but not limited to - tank mate aggression, owner error, transport damage, accidental death.  Once an animal leaves our store it is the responsibilty of the owner to provide approriate care to ensure the animals needs are met. If you feel that the animal you purchased from us died due a pre existing health issue, our staff will be happy to review your claim and issue a refund if appropriate.  For our staff to determine that the animal died due to a pre-existing condition the customer must present:


Aquarium Animals

  • Receipt

  • The deceased animal

  • Water Sample (to determine water quality was acceptable for the animal) 




  • Receipt

  • The deceased animal

  • Picture of enclosure including thermometer/humidity

Water parameters must meet the following:


  • pH 5.8-7.6 (some species specific exceptions apply)

  • Ammonia =0

  • Nitrites = 0

  • Nitrates = 10 or less


  • pH7.8-8.5

  • kH 7-14

  • Ammonia = 0

  • Nitrites = 0 

  • Nitrates = 0-40

In some circumstances additional information from the owner or experts contracted by EA may be deemed necessary to determine if the cause of death was due to a pre-existing health condition. Please be prepared to answer questions about animal care, housing, feeding and environmental conditions. In the event we elect to seek the services of an expert such as a pathologist EA will assume any costs. In the event that the owner seeks veterinary care, EA may at their discretion elect to cover some or all of veterinary services provided during the 7 day health warranty up to $500, if deemed approriate and necessary. We strongly reccomend that all reptiles are examined by a veterinarian with expertise in exotic pets within 48 hours of purchase. EA is not responsible for the cost of any veterinary wellness exams or health check exams. We are happy to provide names of veterinary clinics experienced in reptile and fish care upon request.

Dry Good Refunds

In the rare event that equipment purchased from EA is faulty or fails please call and speak with the store manager.  Every brand we carry comes with different manufacturers warranties and we are happy to guide customers through the claim process with manufacturers where applicable.

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