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Easy Aquariums was established at the end of the thirteenth baktun, December 21st, 2012, and opened January 1st, 2013. The company was founded by Jason Olmsted, a Michigan native who moved to Maine in 2008 for college who decided to stay and open a specialty aquarium shop to help spread his passion for animals and all things aquatic. Over the years Jason has compiled a team of experts and highly qualified individuals to run and operate the shop including Dr. Tyler Lancaster, animal health expert and head of salt water, the freshwater manager and Amazonas Magazine contributor Sam Rutka (A.K.A. Captain Duckweed) and the remarkable Larisa Larrabee who holds the whole operation up and keeps things flowing smoothly. Working hard in house and out on the road is our service technician and reptile/South American fish expert Colin Marshal who has many years of experience in professional and public aquariums.

Offering one of the largest selections of live coral in Maine, our saltwater section covers half of our retail location and is furnished with stunning reef display tanks up to 150 gallons. On one end of our 13 foot long coral table adorned with Kessil lighting, sits our 300 gallon deep-dimension tank that houses our short-tail nurse sharks, Beth and Jerry. New shipments arrive weekly to populate over 25 tanks of livestock and there is always something new and strange you can find crawling or swimming in saltwater.

The illustrious freshwater section boasts a huge array of live aquatic plants from around the globe and over 25 tanks ranging in size from 10 to 125 gallons to choose freshwater fish from with new fish arriving regularly. Whether it is a small species for a nano tank or a monster fish for your indoor pond, you can find many types from guppies and rasboras to oscars and arowanas. Placed throughout the store are heavily planted aquariums and paludariums of varying sizes designed by our own Captain Duckweed available for sale or to derive inspiration from. As you head back in the shop you will find our 800 gallon pond, housing Gertrude, our resident Amazonian red-tail catfish and a 5 foot tall waterfall covered in live tropical plants that encompasses the back wall in front of the jungle room.

Our newly developed (and always growing) jungle room has reptiles, amphibians, and insects from rain forests, wetlands, and deserts around the world. Visit with our almost 7 foot long red-tail boa-constrictor, Ms. Redd and our flamboyant white-cheek mud turtle, Hambone while perusing the many species of snake and dragons to choose from as well as geckos, monitors, and frogs. For those looking for something with a few more legs, we have an assortment of tarantulas which make for some of the quietest of pets.

Whether you are a seasoned salty reef keeper or think you have a black thumb, we can help you with everything from substrate to lighting and everything in between.

Our Flagship Store

664 Main St.

[Off Route 25]
Gorham, Maine 04038

P: 207-887-4141


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