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Our Story

Easy Aquariums aims to provide Maine and New Hampshire  with a premier aquarium and exotic pet supply experience.  The store was established in 2012, by Jason Olmsted. In 2020 it was time to handover the store to new owner, Dr Julia Lucas.  Julia and her husband, Anthony, are originally from Australia and like Jason have been passionate about aquariums and exotic pets their whole lives. Julia, is a licensed veterinarian in the state of Maine and is deeply  passionate about pet care for all species.

Over the years Jason compiled a team of experts and highly qualified individuals to run and operate the store.  We are incredibly fortunate to retain the amazing Larisa who holds the whole operation together and keeps things flowing smoothly.  We no longer offer service or maintenance, but we can refer you to other service providers.


The store offers a wide range of live coral, saltwater and freshwater aquarium animals and plants; as well as water and live and frozen foods. Reptile and amphibians are also available. For more details on our livestock policies please check out the store policy page.


Whether you are a seasoned salty reef keeper or think you have a black thumb, we can help you with everything from substrate to lighting and everything in between.

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